Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishes on the Wall

Wallwisher allows me to pen down my thoughts for others to look and commend on.  It allows me to see what everybody is saying relating to the same topic.  Although Wallwisher is useful , it limits the number of characters I type in which is a bad thing.  During a learning journey, someone can post their views there and it will remain there for someone else to review it.

My Digital Favourites

These are the URLs for the following websites:

My favourite is Youtube as it is a great place for me to post videos for others to see.  As some things are not easily expressed through words, it is better to show it and a way to show it is by posting a video.  A suitable place to post my videos is Youtube.  It is a form of communication through posting my views online.  Anybody can just drop by my video and post a comment to commend on the video to give tips. It can be used as an application to teach someone how to do something.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Things I did in the holidays

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These are the things I did in the holidays.  A brief desciption is given for each place above.

Route to school

View Directions to 5 Clementi Avenue 6, Singapore (school of science and technology, singapore) in a larger map

I should walk to the bus stop nearest to my house and take bus 165 or 48 before changing to bus 185 which stops near SST.  The time taken to arrive at SST will take around 30 minutes and I would need to take 2 buses to reach SST.  Google maps also allows me to see the traffic flow to plan which route to use which determines which bus I should take.  I think the information that Google maps give is very useful and reliable as it is constantly updated.