Monday, January 10, 2011


1.Why is communication important?
Communication is important as if there is no communication,there will be no form to convey a message across to another person to tell my personal views on a situation.Communication allows us to say things right from our mouths so that the third party will not interpret it wrongly and say the wrong information.

2.What is/are your favourite forms of communication?Why?
Of course,like others most common forms of communication,talking,chatting,blogging!!!First and for most,on the top of my list is talking.Talking allows me to say things right from my mouth,giving me options to tune my tone to the correct tone to match what I am saying.Chatting is another convenient way to communicate as at home it is impossible to communicate with friends unless through the phone.One way is to switch on the computer or iphone and start chatting with friends.Unlike telephone,on a socializing site I can chat for as long as I want.Blogging is also not too bad a site to use as whatever I post on it,it will stay there unlike talking and chatting.However,other people can still post their comments and give suggestions to improve my blog.

3.How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?
To decide which form of communication to use,it depends on what the other person on the listening end's plight is.If the person is sad,the best form of communication is talking as the tone of my speech matters a lot.In communication,the words I use matters a lot as different words carry different meanings.

4.What difficulties do u face in communicating with others?
In communication,one of the most common mistakes,misinterpreting the meaning of my speech/saying the wrong thing or the other person does not understand what I say.Hence thats why in communicating, I must be very clear what I want  to convey to the other person and what words I am going to use

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