Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2:End-of-Day Reflection

What have you done today?
Today,I formed groups with my classmates and competed with other groups of my classmates in tower building.The best tower in each class was being used to compete the best towers of other classes.Today,I also had a mac attack 2 session which requires us to make use of keynote and pages to plan my storyboard.And finally,now I have to do the reflection as the final thing of the day.

How have your grown from today's activities?
I have grown to become more out-going and be able to mix around.Also,I am now able to do groupwork with ease as everybody will work together and corporate to complete the assignment.

How should you behave when doing groupwork?
I should carry a serious attitude when doing homework as it shows to my teachers how my attitude is and it truly shows what personality I have.

Why are there differences of opinions?
The different opinions will allow me to know different views of an situation or object to broadthen my knowledge and views of that topic.They can also point out my mistakes and add on to the number of reason.

Why are you happy to be a member of your class?
I am happy to be in this class as I can always voice out my views of an topic and speak up.I can also be able to do group work with my classmates and share all our views.

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